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Oroville Animal Health Center Oroville Animal Health Center

Communication, Commitment, and Care: About Oroville Animal Health Center

Oroville Animal Health Center

Oroville Animal Health Center started the tradition of compassionate service over two decades ago, and continues on with a heartfelt appreciation and dedication to Oroville’s cats and dogs. Serving our Northern California communities by providing veterinary wellness and emergency care, we look forward to participating in the lives of new and existing pet owners.

The owner of Oroville Animal Health Center, Dr. Harry, is uniquely positioned to provide the highest caliber of care to your pet. Growing up with lots of different pets alongside fellow veterinarians gave him special insight into what it means to care for our companion animals. With an emphasis on wellness and preventive health, his approach to your pet’s care is highly individualized. We hope you’ll feel like visiting family when you bring your pet in to see us!

Where Communication Meets Commitment and Care

The human-animal bond features in all of the interactions we see at Oroville Animal Health Center. Fostering an awareness of this special relationship is paramount to our success, and we look forward to seeing the connection between our clients and patients not only grow, but thrive.

Proudly providing:

We are here for all of Oroville’s lovable cats and dogs. Get to know us better:

Oroville Animal Health Center: Where Compassion and Care Meet Convenience and Comfort. Click here to request an appointment or call us at (530) 533-7513.