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Oroville Animal Health Center Oroville Animal Health Center

Quality Pet Care With Great Returns

Your pet has unique needs throughout every stage of life. Their nutritional needs change as they age, as will their lifestyles and behavioral patterns will. It is critically important for pet owners to stay attuned to subtle or gradual shifts in their pet’s patterns or appearance to catch any potential health changes early. We work alongside pet owners to arrive at a more complete understanding of a pet’s general health and how they may change between their annual appointments.

A Great Start to Pet Health

To help establish a strong foundation of health as early as possible, puppies and kittens should be seen by 6-8 weeks of age. There are many facets of wellness care for young animals. To help pet owners reach all of the goals of puppy and kitten wellness, we offer wellness care packages at a discounted price that typically include:

A cat hiding in blankets
  • Total health examination
  • All the core vaccines they need for their age (puppies receive up to 3 DA2LPP vaccines, Bordetella, and Rabies; kittens receive Feline Leukemia test and vaccine, RCP vaccines, and Rabies)
  • Deworming
  • First month flea and tick prevention medication
  • First month of heartworm prevention medication

By the time kittens and puppies reach 5-6 months of age, surgical sterilization is an important aspect to their long-term health. Spaying/neutering not only helps reduce the risk of reproductive cancers and infections, but also reduces the amount of unwanted litters and homeless pets.

Additionally, microchipping is an excellent layer of protection against loss or separation. Many pet owners opt to have their puppy or kitten microchipped during the spay/neuter surgery to minimize any pain or discomfort.

Please contact us at (530) 533-7513 for more information about our puppy and kitten wellness care packages.

The Big Wellness Picture

Annual wellness exams are the perfect opportunity for adult pets to be seen and screened for any potential problems. We offer a head-to-tail physical exam and an in-depth conversation intended to support the health of the whole pet. During this exam, our team covers the following:

  • Vaccination requirements
  • Parasite prevention methods
  • Heartworm testing and prevention
  • Exercise and environmental enrichment
  • Diet and nutritional needs
  • Behavior and training needs

We always leave extra time for your concerns to be addressed, and take time for questions and recommendations.

Bloodwork and other possible diagnostics help us determine a healthy baseline to be used in the future if/when any CBC values change. Even subtle detections can lead to early diagnosis and effective treatment.

Keep a close eye on even slight behavioral changes and share them with your veterinarian. These small shifts can key you into an underlying health condition and help you get quick treatment.

A Bright Future Depends on Wellness & Preventive Care

When your veterinarian understands all of the components to your pet’s day-to-day health and lifestyle, we can create a focused approach to their needs. The best way to achieve this is with their routine wellness exam. Ensuring consistency is key to upholding health and supporting any changes over time.

Request an appointment today or call us at: (530) 533-7513.