A man and his dog.

A driving force behind many dog adoptions is their overwhelming cuteness. They are so irresistible, in fact, that we convince ourselves that we can’t walk away from them. Spontaneity is admirable, but adopting a dog requires careful consideration, thoughtful planning, and extensive research. That way, when you find the doggo of your dreams, you are 100% prepared to meet all of their health and safety needs. In this way, dog ownership is enhanced by your understanding of and appreciation for your new best friend.

Home Sweet Home

Your new dog’s age and breed may have a direct effect on your home environment and your lifestyle. Providing them with ample opportunities for both exercise and enrichment positively influences growth and development. Many dogs adapt well to apartment living, but without a fenced yard of their own, it’s vitally important to go outside with them on-leash every 2-3 hours. 

Everyday Needs

Adult and senior dogs need daily walks, hikes, swims, and play times. Puppies and younger dogs will demand more of your time and energy, and may also need help with housebreaking. 

New dog owners must dog-proof the home prior to bringing their new addition home. This means picking up items off the floor (like electric cords and chewable objects) and removing anything within reach that could be considered hazardous, such as poisonous plants, household chemicals, and dangerous foods.

Just For Me?

Having a dedicated space just for your dog is helpful in the first few weeks and months. They should view this space as comfortable and safe. Install soft bedding, safe chew toys, and water bowls. Don’t force them to stay there, but encourage them to embrace their new environment before expanding their access to the rest of the house. 

Considering Their Needs

Successful dog ownership involves the establishment and maintenance of routine wellness exams. Young dogs will need vaccination boosters every few weeks until fully vaccinated, around 4 months of age. Additionally, your new dog will benefit from being spayed/neutered, microchipped, and up to date with their year-round parasite prevention medication.

The Yummies!

We can help your pet get started with the best type of food for their age and size, and give you important guidelines for meal portions. As you train your dog, you’ll likely use high-value treats to reward their good behavior. Be sure not to overfeed your pet, as it can be much harder to shed weight gain than to put on pounds. 

The Best in Dog Ownership

A huge step in dog ownership is training and socializing your new buddy. They gain invaluable confidence in themselves as they begin to trust people, places, and various stimuli. Without this critical component, your dog may develop behavioral problems. If they know how to behave, they can truly become the best possible companion for you and your household.

Here For Your New Pup

Congratulations on embarking on this meaningful adventure! We can’t wait to meet you and your new dog. Please give us a call at (530) 533-7513 or click here to schedule an appointment.

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