How to Create an Emergency Plan that Includes Your Pet

Cat in a cage.

When disaster strikes, having a plan makes it easier for you and your family to make it through an emergency safely. It’s important to keep pet safety in mind when you make your emergency plans, too. In California, pet disaster awareness means preparing for fires, earthquakes, floods, and mudslides. The team at Oroville Animal Health Center has tips to help you create a pet safety plan.


Hot Dog! Keep Your Pet’s Paws Safe from the Summer Heat

Dog walking on pavement

Longer days, barbecues, and long afternoons by the pool are just a few of the reasons we love summer. As we enjoy the perks of the season, however, it is important to remember that our pets need a little extra attention so they too can enjoy summer. Oroville Animal Health Center wants to help you protect your pet’s paws from the heat as you enjoy the season together: