When Canine Aggression Gets in the Way (and Ruins Your Day)

A woman walking an aggressive German Shepherd.

There are few things scarier than canine aggression—in part because it really can sneak up on you when you least expect it. One minute, your dog is behaving normally and the next, you’re taking cover from their strong jaws and sharp teeth. A growling, lunging, combative dog is certainly problematic and not for the faint of heart. However, there are attainable solutions that not only help you understand canine aggression, but redirect that energy into something productive. 


Pet Friendly St. Patrick’s Day Events

Dog with green clover hat.

St. Patrick’s Day is March 17, and what better way to honor your Irish roots than to celebrate the day with your favorite furry companion?

At Oroville Animal Health Center, we understand your desire to include your pet in holiday festivities. The important thing is to cater to your pet’s needs and comfort zone. Whether your four-legged companion is a social butterfly or a wallflower, there are plenty of fun ways to mark the occasion. 

Check out these suggestions from our team, and enjoy St. Patrick’s Day with your pet!


Going For a Walk With Your Dog Is Good Medicine

dog going on walk

Taking your dog for a walk around the block can become a bit of a humdrum chore, but it doesn’t have to be. When you think about what’s happening to both of you, physically and emotionally, going for a walk with your dog is a truly radical act of love and devotion. If you need a little extra inspiration, your friends at Oroville Animal Health Center are happy to share 3 more reasons to walk your dog today and every day. 


Warm, Cozy, Winter Pet Safety Tips

Dogs in a blanket.

The weather has the power to change our behavior, improve well-being, and add layers of meaning to any time spent outdoors, but it can also simply be something that we have to deal with. This is evident in the middle winter as we slog through just for the reward of eventually reaching spring. Our pets may not alter their behavioral patterns or habits as much as we do, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t vulnerable to the season’s whims. Protect your pet from various external hazards with our winter pet safety tips.


Essential Elements of Senior Dog Care

A senior dog.

Is there anything better than the companionship of an older dog? Sure, puppies are absolutely charming and adult dogs keep life interesting. But if you’ve lived with your dog since they were very young, you might agree that their golden years are incredibly meaningful. Sharing an entire life with a dog is nothing short of inspiring, and with our tips for senior dog care, you can keep them fit, comfortable, and happy for a long time to come. 


Dog Tricks Are Delightful for Pups and People Alike

Dog tricks.

Everyone loves a well-behaved dog, but a canine that can do tricks is worthy of excessive praise and accolades. The best part of this is that dogs enjoy the mental focus and physical stamina that some tricks demand. Teaching and performing dog tricks provide endless entertainment for owners, and gives dogs confidence and motivation. What could be better than that?


Invest in the Future: Puppy Training Basics

Training a puppy.

The first few weeks after you adopt a puppy are full of wonder and delight. Even when they behave mischievously or have accidents in the house, it’s easy to forgive a puppy who hasn’t quite learned all the rules yet. The trick is to correct any behaviors before they become a habit, but when exactly is the right time to start puppy training? While it is never too early, it can definitely become more challenging the longer you wait.


New to Dog Ownership? Basic Tips for Care and Safety

A man and his dog.

A driving force behind many dog adoptions is their overwhelming cuteness. They are so irresistible, in fact, that we convince ourselves that we can’t walk away from them. Spontaneity is admirable, but adopting a dog requires careful consideration, thoughtful planning, and extensive research. That way, when you find the doggo of your dreams, you are 100% prepared to meet all of their health and safety needs. In this way, dog ownership is enhanced by your understanding of and appreciation for your new best friend.


Hot Dog! Keep Your Pet’s Paws Safe from the Summer Heat

Dog walking on pavement

Longer days, barbecues, and long afternoons by the pool are just a few of the reasons we love summer. As we enjoy the perks of the season, however, it is important to remember that our pets need a little extra attention so they too can enjoy summer. Oroville Animal Health Center wants to help you protect your pet’s paws from the heat as you enjoy the season together: