dog and owner selfie.

A dedicated dog owner is already prone to commemorating all the things their dog did on any given day. From going potty in the same spot, sitting down when asked, or cuddling during a movie, every day is a good day to share with a dog. 

To make things even more official when it comes to celebrating canines, August 26th is National Dog Day. Not only a sweet reminder to acknowledge the importance of your own dog, this holiday helps us all remember the ways that dogs impact everyone’s lives and communities. 

Starting at Home

A simple way to celebrate National Dog Day is to enhance your dog’s home environment. Perhaps their dog bed needs an upgrade, or their leash and collar is showing some wear and tear. They’ll notice their new special items and relish the chance to enjoy them. You could even give them a chance to pick out a brand new toy!

If you really want to make your dog feel extra special, make their favorite healthy treat. They might be able to help you prepare all the ingredients! Be sure to look them in the eyes adoringly while you express your appreciation!

A Healthy Pivot

If it’s been a little while since your dog’s last wellness exam, National Dog Day creates the perfect opportunity to get a clean bill of health. We’ll examine them head-to-tail, check for any developing issues, and create a plan for future health. 

Celebrate your dog by scheduling a dental cleaning or grooming appointment. They’ll look and feel their absolute best!

Develop New Skills

Have you ever marveled at a dog that excelled at certain tricks or obedience commands? Give your dog a chance to show you how smart they are by signing them up for training and/or socialization classes. This is a great opportunity to meet new four-legged friends, stimulates mental acuity, and even has the potential to strengthen the bond between you.

Into the Great, Wide Open

It may seem ambitious, but a fantastic way to celebrate National Dog Day is to take your dog on a special adventure. You could start small by finding a new dog park or leash-free trail, but if your dog is calm and confident about road trips, take them somewhere special for a weekend. While there, book special tours, pet-centric accommodations, and reserve a table at a restaurant with a patio. Hire a professional photographer and get some memorable shots of you and your dog together in action. 

National Dog Day

If you’ve already done everything on this list, or your dog already knows they’re your number one, consider adopting a new friend for them. Shelters and animal rescues are always looking for foster homes, volunteers or donations. If you want to give back to the community on National Dog Day, we encourage you to get involved in whatever way you can. 

If you’re ready to address concerns or questions about your dog’s health, behavior, or appearance, please call us at (530) 533‑7513 On National Dog Day, and throughout the year, Oroville Animal Health Center is here for your best friend!