Managing Pet Stress During the Holidays

couple with dog in front of tree.

Holidays are often an exciting time for us humans of the world. There are decorations to pull out, trees to haul inside the house, candles to light, and presents to wrap galore. Friends and family pour into our homes, bringing laughter, cheer…and more new sounds and smells. 

That’s right. From your pet’s point of view, there’s this strange time of year when everything randomly changes and a barrage of unfamiliar sights, smells, and sounds flood your pet’s life. 

No wonder the holiday season can make our pets feel anxious! The team at Oroville Animal Health Center wants you and your pet to enjoy the holiday season. Here’s how. 


Warm, Cozy, Winter Pet Safety Tips

Dogs in a blanket.

The weather has the power to change our behavior, improve well-being, and add layers of meaning to any time spent outdoors, but it can also simply be something that we have to deal with. This is evident in the middle winter as we slog through just for the reward of eventually reaching spring. Our pets may not alter their behavioral patterns or habits as much as we do, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t vulnerable to the season’s whims. Protect your pet from various external hazards with our winter pet safety tips.


Essential Elements of Senior Dog Care

A senior dog.

Is there anything better than the companionship of an older dog? Sure, puppies are absolutely charming and adult dogs keep life interesting. But if you’ve lived with your dog since they were very young, you might agree that their golden years are incredibly meaningful. Sharing an entire life with a dog is nothing short of inspiring, and with our tips for senior dog care, you can keep them fit, comfortable, and happy for a long time to come. 


Why Microchip Your Pet?

A dog with a collar.

Whether you’ve newly adopted a puppy or you’ve had the same cat for 10 years, bonds with pets form quickly and deeply. If you were to somehow get separated from your furry friend, do you have safeguards in place to ensure that you can find your way back together? Microchipping your pet can help improve your chances of a happy reunion. Keep reading to find out how a microchip can become a lifeline in an unthinkable situation: